My 3 words for 2018

Six years ago, I decided to move away from new year resolutions. Instead, I’m choosing three words that are guiding me through the next 365 days. It may feel the same, but it’s different and working a lot better for me. This time, it wasn’t easy to define the direction I wanted to take for... Read more

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What is a Developer Advocate?

Developer Advocate and Technical Evangelist roles are more common than when I started. Still, the definition behind these titles can be quite different from one place to another. It’s also a source of interrogation and copious interest when brought in a discussion. People don’t always understand the goal, return on investment and the day to... Read more

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I’m joining Fitbit as their Senior Developer Advocate

After some well-deserved vacations, I started my search for a new challenge two months ago and I’m happy to announce that today is my first day as a Fitbit Senior Developer Advocate. It’s an exciting time to be a Developer Advocate as many companies now understand the values of this role. The interview processes are... Read more

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The day I lost my mother

Today is my mom’s birthday: she would have been seventy-eight years old. Unfortunately, she passed away a little more than a year ago. That day, I lost the woman of my life… Many years ago, after more than one miscarriage and a doctor advising against trying again because of her advanced age, my mother gave... Read more

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Why I won’t write code demos, articles or new talks in your interview process

I’m currently looking for my next challenge, mostly as a Developer Advocate, which mean, I started some very interesting discussions, and as a matter of fact, ended some other for different reasons: the vision of the job didn’t fit mine: quite often they are Technical Writer, Technical Support or Sales Engineer roles with a different... Read more

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Technical Evangelist – where soft skills become hard skills

I’ve had a couple of discussions recently about technical evangelist, or if you prefer, developer advocate role. Those terms are better known than they used to be, but the definition of the job changes from one person to another, sometimes, even inside the same company. I couldn’t blame people about it: many are hiring their... Read more

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