I’m moving to fred.dev

I’m blogging since 2005, mostly on & off: I don’t blog for a while and after I can’t stop for a year or two. Now I’m in the phase where I miss it a lot, but I’m not excited with Out of Comfort Zone as I used to be: I’m bored about the domain name... Read more

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I’m joining npm as their new Developer Advocate

For those of you that didn’t follow my journey for the past two months, prepare yourself for a 360! I’m still in Montréal and it’s my first day at npm as their new Developer Advocate. I won’t go much into detail with the story behind the brutal changes in my plans as I’m a big... Read more

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I’m moving to San Francisco and joining Uber as their first Developer Advocate

As I’m writing these lines, I can’t think of anything else than this blog: out of comfort zone. Unfortunately, Fitbit wasn’t a good fit for me (pun intended), but I had the chance to work with so many brilliant people there. Joining Uber as a Senior Developer Advocate is a great challenge and an astonishing... Read more

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How to look for a technical evangelist job

It’s a great time to start a new role as a Technical Evangelist even, if you have never done it before. Many companies are looking to hire talented people to help them being successful within the developer community. Since I’ve been asked to share my experience on finding this type of role more than once,... Read more

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My 3 words for 2018

Six years ago, I decided to move away from new year resolutions. Instead, I’m choosing three words that are guiding me through the next 365 days. It may feel the same, but it’s different and working a lot better for me. This time, it wasn’t easy to define the direction I wanted to take for... Read more

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What is a Developer Advocate?

Developer Advocate and Technical Evangelist roles are more common than when I started. Still, the definition behind these titles can be quite different from one place to another. It’s also a source of interrogation and copious interest when brought in a discussion. People don’t always understand the goal, return on investment and the day to... Read more

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