In the medias

In this page, I will try to make a list of traditional and social media where I participated in the past. I will also list media that talked or asked me to talk about some of my projects. This list is not up to date…



2018-07-10 – HackBio video interview

2018-03-13 – Android Central Fitbit’s new development simulator makes it easier than ever to create apps for FitbitOS

2017-11-22 – Espresso Jobs Développeur advocate : aimer la techno…et les gens!

2016-05-17 – C2MTL C2 Montréal 2016: The Most Social C2 Ever

2015-02-19 – Tech Times Firefox VP Departure Signals All’s Not Well With Mozilla

2015-02-18 – CNET More change for Mozilla as top Firefox exec departs

2014-11-09 – Cromo Una segunda oportunidad para Mozilla Firefox

2014-11-03 – Canoe Techno Google Inbox: la révolution du courriel à nos portes?

2014-10-29 – Geeks and Com’ Le HTML5 devient officiellement un standard complet du web

2014-10-26 – Cromo Cuando sea grande, quiero ser tecnoevangelista

2014-10-15 – El Pais Encuentro abierto de Movistar sobre tecnologías y tendencias móviles

2014-10-15 – Entorno Inteligente URUGUAY: Encuentro abierto de Movistar sobre tecnologías y tendencias móviles

2014-09-26 – El Diario Grande de Michoacán Provincia Las apps son el futuro: Mozilla

2014-09-06 – El Heraldo de San Luis Potosí «Las apps son el futuro»: Mozilla

2014-09-05 – Dinero En Imagen Las apps son el futuro: Mozilla

2014-09-05 – Excelsior Las apps son el futuro: Mozilla

2014-07-10 – Amod Narvekar Firefox OS Hackathon at IITB

2014-06-06 – TechVibes Montreal Hosts Social Good Hackathon, Tackles Issues Like Water Scarcity, and Gender Bias

2013-10-11 – DIGIKAN 7 ressources clés pour les start-ups à Montréal


Success in Programming : How to Gain Recognition, Power, and Influence Through Personal Branding book published at Apress

2016-10-20 – Éminence

2015-09-23 – Nestor Odukoya

2015-07-19 – Climbing Olympus


Festival Geek de Montréal (GeekFestMtl)

2011-03-10 – Les Tontons Les Tontons au GeekFest Montréal 2011

2011-03-05 – Mise à Jour sur VOX Spécial Geek

2011-03-05 – Cybermaniax Port-Mortem du Geekfest

2011-03-01 – The Concordian Days before the event, CEO of GeekFest Montreal tells all (article not available online anymore)

2011-03-01 – Triplex, le blogue de Radio-Canada Les médias sociaux, un incontournable en organisation d’événements