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I’m a professional international speaker. It’s something that I love to do as I like to share my passion, knowledge, ideas, and thoughts with other passionate people. Most of the time, presentations are about technical topics related to the developers’ world, but I’m also a big fan of improving yourself, your life, and personal branding. It could go from beginners to experts subjects. I’m open for keynotes, presentations, panels, and talking to medias: you’ll have a unique, and authentic speaker…

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I can cover a wide variety of topics, usually technical ones. Here are some ideas:



Appday Athens 2013 with @fharper Mozilla FF evangelist. Nice presentation, loved the frenglish accent
– Luka Sučić

Motivated by @fharper talk last week at @smbmtl, I started working on a presentation about #productivity. All over KeyNote this weekend 🙂
– LordAlex Leon

We had a wonderful time at @SMBMTL! @fharper you did an amazing job, we loved your public speaking tips and funny jokes, keep it up!
– Montréal ING DIRECT Café

Awesome keynote of @fharper at #webandphpcon
– Alejandro Narancio

Seeing @fharper present technical tools shows me that we can complain about Microsoft a lot, but they really train their people. #goodstuff
– Christian Heilmann

HE NAILED IT!#kwsmtl
– Nathalie Carrenard

Just got an idea, fired up VS2012 and coded a new WP8 app in 45min! (might become a Win8 app later) @fharper you are THAT inspiring 😉
– Laurent Duveau

Thanks @fharper for the awesome talk at Social Media Breakfast. Didn’t realize until this morning that I have a personal brand 🙂 #smbmtl
– Suzanne Dergacheva

awesome talk, awesome shirt, and awesome accent! Lol #SCREENS12
– Joanna Ong

Very interesting presentation about “Les Nuages” by @fharper #wcmtl #azure
– François R. Caron

Some top industry leaders in St. John’s today @zeldman @aarron @beep @adactio @globalmoxie @hellogeri @TommyLee @fharper #gobeyondpixels
– John Blundon

Sitting on the floor. RWD with @fharper is packed. #fitcto #rwd
– Andrew Smyk

Frederic Harper offered such a fun, interactive session! Check him out @fharper #SpotlightHTML5 #FITC
– Erika Szabo

Microsoft + OpenSource. Awesome presentation by @fharper #webnotwar
– Alexander Yakobovich

My 2 favorite speakers @garazi Greg Rewis on CSS3 and @fharper Frédéric Harper on The State of the Web 🙂 Awesome conference!!!
– Mike Melo

Speaking Experience

This is an exhaustive list of all the speaking I did: keynotes, presentations, and panels. You can find the slides, the video recording, and even recap blog posts (details label) for some of them.

P.S.: Keep in mind that even if many talks have the same title, it’s always a different talk as my content is always updated, adapted to the crowd, and delivered in a different way.